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About Citizens for Ethical Campaigns

Our Mission

At Citizens for Ethical Campaigns. our mission is to elevate the level of ethical behavior and truthfulness in political campaigns in Illinois.

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan grassroots group of citizens who encourage candidates running for office in Illinois to commit to ethical campaigns by signing on to the Illinois Code of Fair Campaign Practices..

Why We Need to Act

Voters will soon be faced with making critical decisions about who will represent them in government. They deserve information that is relevant and truthful in campaign communications.
Fair campaigns allow candidates and voters to focus on the issues. Voters can more accurately assess the qualifications of the candidates and make a decision informed by facts, rather than disinformation and irrelevant, misleading, and dishonest campaign communications.

Lisa Khabeer – Social Media Coordinator


Board of Directors

The Honorable

Denyse Stoneback

Edward T. Spire

The Honorable

Ilonka Ulrich

Kathy Niekrasz

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