Take Action!

How to take action?

The public deserves reliable facts as they make critical decisions about who will represent them. Campaign communications should present only fair, relevant, and truthful information to the voters.
Safeguards are needed to improve the accuracy of statements made during campaigns and until these safeguards are put in place, How can we put power back into the hands of the voters, and encourage ethical campaigns?
Voters themselves can demand it using Illinois’ already existing Code of Fair Campaign Practices. We can take these CRITICAL STEPS towards a more honest, civil and fairer campaign season in 2024.

Here is our strategy for reversing the race to the bottom:

  1. Be informed, skeptical of suspicious information, and uplift truthfulness: During elections, remember that as humans, we all are subject to the truth bias. Learn the hallmarks of an ethical candidate, and learn the tricks unethical candidates use to gain an upper hand.
  2. Ask all candidates to sign the Code of Fair Campaign Practices (FCP): By supporting only candidates who have signed the Code, voters show candidates they truly want ethical campaigns and take the power back in their hands.
  3. Attend town hall meetings, candidate forums, and debates and publicly ask candidates to sign on. Print the Code of Fair Campaign Practices to take with you when you attend.
  4. Write Letters to the Editor: Ask all candidates to sign the Code, and promote a commitment to ethics in political campaigns.
  5. Generate awareness: Talk with neighbors, friends, and other voters in our communities about the importance of ethics and the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.
See this one-pager for a guide to taking action.


Want to learn more?
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics of Santa Clara University published a guide called “Voting for Ethics.” This free, downloadable, non-partisan, how-to guide to help voters identify the hallmarks of an ethical candidate.
The center also published Campaign Ethics: A Field Guide, a guide for candidates and political consultants on how to run an ethical campaign.
Take the Pro-Truth Pledge to encourage politicians – and everyone else – to commit to truth-oriented behaviors and protect facts and civility.